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customized shoe repair and
leather restoration services
from experienced experts
Mirror Shine

Shoe Polishing

Leather Restoration, shine & weather protection. Refined finish from subtle shine to mirror polishing.

Soles and Heels

Soles and Heels

Sole, heel replacement and repairs using the highest quality materials from select vendors.

Red mirror soles

high Heels

Heels, tips, sole protectors, shining and other custom work such as Christian Louboutin soles.

customer reviews

Fancy Dance Shoes

"Sent some vintage Florsheim Royal Imperials that needed some work. He replaced the soles with JRs, new heel, and Triumph tips. He also finished the soles to give it a wood grain look! The results are breathtaking! Thank you and will be back with more shoes!"

David Gotham

Jeans and Boots

"Made my British shoes like new again with JR soles and JR heels. Definitely worth it to drop by Sunny and get your shoes redone. He even used Saphir products and gave me the color choice for my goodyear welt stitching! Crisp and sharp."

Mahek Shah

Vintage Shoes

"These are the cobblers I always use - they are super friendly and have won international awards for their Goodyear welt resoles. If you need your dress shoes resoled, polished, refinished, or toe taps added, these guys are the best. They also do red resoles for Lauboutin for the the ladies."

David Leibensperger

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